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Grant to Improve Services for Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

I'm proud to announce a grant from Virginia's Department of Criminal Justice Services to add 4 full-time and 2 part-time Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners at Inova Hospital. This will allow them to provide round-the-clock staffing and services for survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault in Northern Virginia. Along with many of my colleagues from around the region, I asked for this grant because so many victims had endured long waits or even diversions to hospitals in other regions. Sexual assaults do not come in regular patterns. There may be none for 12 hours, or there may be 6 at once. The goal is to make sure that at least one person is available at all times and can call for backup as needed. Now they will receive immediate medical care and comprehensive forensic services, improving the integrity of the criminal justice process as well as the health and safety of the victims.

I'd like to thank the Department for this grant, Mary Hale at Inova for her hard work in putting this proposal together, and to all the other elected officials who supported this effort. This is an important victory for in the fight against domestic violence and sexual assault in Nothern Virginia.