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Election Day

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When I was Legislative Counsel to Congressman Barney Frank, I had the opportunity to work personally with Hillary Rodham Clinton. I know her to be brilliant, detailed, passionate, trustworthy, and truly caring. In my work with her, I saw her insist on doing the right thing, whether or not it was politic.

Vote for Don Tomorrow!

Virginia's Eighth Congressional District values Congressman Don Beyer:  his competence, his compassion, his intelligence, and his good spirit. He's not just my bridge partner; he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He works very hard for us every day.

Vote NO on 1!

Did you know there will also be two Constitutional Amendments on the ballot in Virginia? The first and most important is the anti-union measure Constitutional Amendment 1 which would force unions to work for nothing, forcing all of the benefits unions bargain for to also go to non-union members and thus depriving unions of the dues they need to survive.
Amendment 1 is a plan by Republicans to devastate Virginia unions and place the abolition of worker rights permanently in the Virginia Constitution.  Even if an employer welcomes union participation, this constitutional amendment leaves this employer and its workers without recourse.
By destroying unions in Virginia, the Republicans hope to permanently keep Virginia wages low. The Republicans call this Amendment "right to work," but I don't consider working for nothing to be a "right" I consider it a serious problem. We will have an uphill battle on this one, so please tell your friends and neighbors to VOTE NO ON 1!
The second Constitutional Amendment is far less controversial. It allows localities to provide property tax relief for surviving spouses of police, firefighters, and EMS workers killed in the line of duty. This seems reasonable to me. Please vote yes on Amendment 2. It should easily pass.