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Alexandria Protests Against White Supremacists

Alexandrians learn young that love is greater than hate.

The President's executive order and subsequent actions have left many feeling terrified, and many of you have called and messaged me with your concerns, which I share.  With reports of ICE raids on non-criminal immigrants, and with anti-Muslim rhetoric at the top of the Trump administration's agenda, now more than ever is the time for steadfast advocacy of human rights.  When we stand for justice in the face of cruelty, we continue in the footsteps of those who were a light in the darkest moments of American history.

Yesterday I joined with 50 of my fellow Americans to protest the activities of white supremacists by gathering in Old Town, where Richard Spencer has set up an office for the so-called "Alt-Right" neo-Nazi group which advocates for "peaceful" ethnic cleansing. Let me be clear...ethnic cleansing is NEVER peaceful, and this type of ignorance and hatred has no place in Alexandria. 

Alexandria is a diverse community with a thriving economy because its tapestry of citizens includes both immigrants and diverse long-time locals.  I will continue to speak out against hate, bigotry, and people like Spencer who stand for hate, and I hope you will continue to join me.  Together we must ensure that love trumps hate.